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    Are you new to Scranton and looking around for cheap car insurance? Or perhaps a long-time resident who is wondering if you can lower your premium payments? Either way, Carinsuranceinpennsylvania.org can assist you in achieving your goal. It won’t even take long because our online search tool works fast to give you instant quotes from the most reputable providers around the city.

    Average Car Insurance Scranton Quotes — Save Up to $275 Annually!

    The vice president’s hometown in Pennsylvania was a former mining community before shifting to other industries. The annual allotment of locals for their auto insurance generally hovers around $1,565. This amount is 1.89% more than the average rate for Lackawanna County but 7% less than the mean for the state. Clearly, Scranton residents are in a better position compared to their neighbors and additional cost reduction may even be possible for some.

    Car Insurance Scranton — Digging Deep Into the Factors

    There are a number of issues at play when insurance agents buckle down to determine a reasonable premium rate for an individual. They will look into credit history, any involvement with accidents, marital status, car color, and countless others. Among the most important ones are:

    • Location — Scranton is a 25.2 square mile city located in the northeastern part of the state. Its population has been in steady decline over the decades due to the town’s changing fortunes. Residents numbered 76,084 as of last count and this equates to a density of 3,016 persons per square mile. Areas of extreme concentration tend to spend the most on automobile insurance. Scranton, being of average density, pays an amount that is neither too high nor too low.
    • Driving to Work — Since there aren’t many residents in Scranton, the roads are not saturated with cars and traffic is usually free-flowing. Regular commutes from the home to the office take an average of 17.6 minutes which is one of the fastest among urban areas. People can chop a bit more off of their automobile insurance if they shift to a work schedule that avoids commuting during the rush hours. Providers give discounts as this move diminishes the risk of involvement in road accidents. There were 4.2 fatal accidents per 100,000 in the city during the year 2009, less than the state’s 7.6.
    • Auto Thefts — The best way to deal with vehicle theft is to prevent them. This saves the owner from the trouble of being left car-less and the insurer from having to cover the claims. In fact, insurance companies encourage proactive behavior by rewarding those who place deterrents in their cars with discounts. There were 126 recorded cases of car theft around Scranton in 2011.
    • Education — For 9.7% of Scranton residents, a discount may be possible through their educational attainment. Simply graduating from college is rewarded thanks in part to this group’s tendency to be responsible drivers and insurance clients. The rate of bachelor degree holders in PA is higher at 14%.

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    Scranton residents aren’t the only drivers who can save money. If you live in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or Erie, you could save hundreds too!

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