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    There is no reason for drivers to endure excessive premium payments. With a little effort and know-how  one can always find cheap car insurance in Reading, Pennsylvania. Shopping around is key and Carinsuranceinpennsylvania.org has made this incredibly easy. Check out the search box above which can comb through all of the providers in your area and churn out several quotes in a snap.

    Average Car Insurance Reading Quotes — Save Up to $335 a Year!

    Year on year, Reading locals generally set aside $1,663 to cover their auto insurance. This is a fairly large amount which could have been used for many other household needs. Still, this rate is not bad when compared to the rest of Berks County which pays 3.24% higher for their premiums. When compared to Pennsylvania, however, we find that the figure is 2% above the state average.

    Car Insurance Reading — Getting Acquainted with Factors that Determine the Rate

    To a certain extent, drivers can predict whether they will pay high premiums or not based on their own personal history. Those who have been involved in accidents or have bad credit scores will be seen as risky clients and thus have to give more. Other considerations include:

    • Location — In general, residents of crowded areas have to deal with elevated insurance rates because of the issues inherent in their environment. Reading is a small city when looking at the land area of barely ten square miles but it does have a population of 88,351. This all comes down to a density of 8,998 people for every square mile which is very high compared to other urban areas.
    • Driving to Work — Despite the size of the town, it takes residents an average of 21 minutes to drive to work on weekdays. The length could be attributed to traffic and other factors. The longer people are on the road during rush hour, the higher their chances of getting into an accident due to the fact that everyone is in a hurry to get to their offices. Fortunately for Reading locals, the fatal accident count in the city is relatively low when compared to the state. In 2009, there were only 1.2 cases per 100,000 as opposed to 7.6 for Pennsylvania. Still, an accident is one too many, and so insurance companies do provide discounts to people who tend to drive outside of this dangerous timeframe.
    • Auto Thefts — Avoiding car theft should be on every owner’s mind. While the insurance provider might be able to give some assistance to victims, it’s best to prevent the stressful scenario altogether. Doing so will not only promote peace of mind but also give a financial perk in the form of discounts for installing anti-theft gadgets. In 2011, 420 vehicles were stolen around the city.
    • Education — College graduates will be even prouder of their degree when they learn than this could earn them discounts from insurance companies. About 5.7% of the Reading population has the chance to take advantage of this. The state rate is at 14%.

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    If you aren’t exactly a Reading citizen, don’t worry. We have ways to save for drivers in Allentown, Erie, and Scranton, too!

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