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    Average Pittsburgh Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $295 a Year!

    Pittsburgh remains a potent economic force in Pennsylvania with some of the biggest brands having offices within the city. This makes it one of the best places to live in on the East Coast. In terms of automobile insurance, locals are also in luck as the average rate is only $1,460. That’s 2.2% lower than the mean for Allegheny County and 11% down from the state average. So far, so good, but things can always get better.

    Which factors have the biggest effect on car insurance in Pittsburgh?

    If you are paying higher than the city average, it might be useful to study the causes. Insurance providers base their calculations on cold hard facts so it is often easy to trace the source of the spike. Think about your driving history, the color of your car, and even your credit score. Assuming these things are all good, expand your study and reflect on the following factors:

    • Location — The level of overcrowding in cities is directly correlated to the amount paid by its residents for vehicle insurance. A dense populace is often accompanies by urban issues like heavy traffic, high crime rate, frequent accidents, and more. Pittsburgh is situated 770 feet above sea level on 55.6 square miles of land. There are 306,956 people living in it as of last count so the population density is pegged at 5,522 per square mile, a figure considered to be midrange.
    • Driving to Work — Pittsburgh’s hardworking labor force braves the roads every morning to drive an average of 23.1 minutes to work. Like most people, they have to deal with jam-packed roads during rush hour and do their best to reach the office before the boss notices that they are late. It is always stressful at this time of the day and it is compounded by the fact that many accidents happen during the chaos. No wonder insurance providers give incentives to people who have work schedules that avoid the rush. There were 5.5 fatal accidents per 100,000 in the city in 2009. The state rate then was 7.6.
    • Auto Thefts — All cities have to deal with crime, including car theft. Pittsburgh recorded 480 such cases in 2011. While this may be a remarkable improvement from the 3,197 incidents tallied in 1999, the fact is that theft still happens. Those who actively pursue means of protecting themselves and their vehicles from this threat can get discounts on insurance.
    • Education — For those who have earned a bachelor’s degree, a great way to get concessions on auto insurance is simply to inform the provider of your educational attainment. About 13.7% of the city’s population could potentially avail of this. Meanwhile, the state rate is at 14%.

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