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    Getting auto insurance may be mandatory but paying high premiums is not. Drivers can often save hundreds of dollars annually if they switch to another provider or more minimal policy. The only problem for many is that they don’t know where to find these low-cost policies. Carinsuranceinpennsylvania.org bridges the gap by letting people use our comprehensive search tool. Try it now and get cheap Erie auto insurance quotes from around town in an instant.

    Average Car Insurance Erie Quotes — Save Up to $315 a Year!

    Car owners in Erie allocate an average of $1,610 annually to insurance payments. This amount is slightly more than the usual paid by the rest of Erie County which is pegged at $1,576. However, it is a little lower than the Pennsylvania average of $1,633 so residents can be said to be on par with the rest of the state. Individuals currently shelling out higher than these amounts may want to think about shifting to a more reasonably priced policy.

    Car Insurance  in Erie — A Look at the Most Pertinent Factors

    Premiums are computed based on several considerations, both environmental and personal. Drivers will be better able to figure out why they are paying what they do by studying the patterns of risk assessment. They may even manage to cut their fees by making some changes and availing of little-known discounts.

    • Location — The city of Erie is located at the northwestern part of Pennsylvania near the Presque Isle Bay. Its resident count is at 101,826 which makes it the 4th largest in the state. In terms on land area, Erie is not terribly big at just 22 square miles. The end result is a population density of 4,637 per sq mi. The densest cities often pay the highest when it comes to vehicle insurance. Erie is considered as being in the middle of the pack.
    • Driving to Work — Going around Erie is less of a hassle than many other cities due to its small size and good road infrastructure. Morning commuters to work take an average of only 16.3 minutes to reach their destinations. This means less time dealing with the rush of other office workers onto the streets. Rush hour is a vital subject for insurance companies because the chaos lends itself well to accidents. They even give discounts to those who can routinely avoid driving during this timeframe. The great thing about Erie is that it has one of the lowest fatal accident counts per 100,000 with just 0.96 in 2009 compared to 7.6 for the state.
    • Auto Thefts — Simply put, adding security measures to your car will entitle you to automobile insurance discounts. Providers are pleased when owners take it upon themselves to minimize their risk of being victimized by carjackers. There were 101 cases of auto theft in Erie during 2011.
    • Education — As luck would have it, earning a college degree also earns you discounts for vehicle insurance. This policy should make 11.2% of the Erie population happy. The state’s college grad rate is 14%.

    Pennsylvania car insurance works just like anywhere else: shop around for the best providers and reduce your perceived risks to get the cheapest rates possible. Utilize our search tool to acquire accurate quotes within your area and begin the process of cost reduction.

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