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    In the hunt for cheap car insurance Allentown residents may feel daunted, especially if they are unfamiliar with the subject. Carriers abound and finding the lowest prices means looking into each of their offerings. Most simply do not have the luxury of time to shop in this manner. Carinsuranceinpennsylvania.org solves this problem by making the search fast and easy. Just use the online tool we have on this page by entering your zip code and answering the questions.

    Average Car Insurance Allentown Quotes — Save Up to $365 Annually!

    Allentown is a fast-growing city on the eastern side of Pennsylvania. Vehicle owners will generally pay somewhere in the vicinity of $1,737 for their insurance. To put things in perspective, this figure is roughly a percent higher than that of the Lehigh County average. On the other hand, it is also a tenth higher than the current state average making it one of the most expensive in Pennsylvania.

    What Factors Affect Car Insurance in Allentown, PA?

    Insurance agencies try to tailor their rates and policies to the individual client knowing that each driver is unique in his or her needs. The amounts given earlier are averages but most pay lower or higher premiums depending on the results of their assessment. If you would like to acquire inexpensive automobile insurance, you will have to understand how companies weigh the vital factors.

    • Location — Let’s start with your zip code. Your place of residence says a great deal about you. It will also have a profound influence on the way you drive. Cities are dynamic things that affect all those who live in them for better or for worse. A prosperous city will have excellent infrastructure but it may become saturated with people who in turn saturates the roads. Allentown, for instance, has an area of only 17.7 square miles but it has a fast-growing population which is now at 118,232. Density is high at 6,665 people per sq mi. Dense cities have a tendency to pay higher auto insurance than their smaller neighbors.
    • Driving to Work — Trying to beat the clock every morning on the way to work can be very stressful, and doubly so for workers who are caught in gridlocks due to heavy traffic. Even insurance providers are unhappy because those who are experiencing this problem are more likely to be involved in accidents and hence file for claims. Workers on completely different schedules do not have such concerns and may even avail of discounts. The average travel time to work in Allentown is 21.4 minutes. Fatal accidents in the city are considerably lower than the state with 3.7 versus 7.6 per 100,000.
    • Auto Thefts — The number of cars stolen in Allentown has gone down from 692 in 2003 to just 433 in 2011 which augurs well for vehicle owners. However, it is always better to be prepared and so precautions against thievery should still be practiced. Doing so not only secures the car but also nets the owner handsome discounts from the insurance provider.
    • Education — We all know that graduating from college increases one’s chances for a better job but most are unaware that this, too, can mean lower car insurance premiums. A tenth of Allentown’s population has earned a degree in comparison to 14% for the state.

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